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"The DVD-Project was originally planned for autumn 2004 and so one fine day the parcel service dropped an enormous box in our office. It was filled with about 60 Beta-Tapes, 20 VHS and countless DV-Tapes containing everything from TV-Broadcasts, different angle shots of live-concerts without sound, bits and pieces from the tapes we did the Live-DVD from, Interviews to Home movies of the band.

More than a week and hours after hours of watching the tapes I was totally confused and seriously worried if I could manage to get a structure for that video mess at all.
I called the record company and Guano Apes and said - "Nothing's working over here, I don't know how to go on ... I don't wanna do this anymore..." - the universal answer was - "You can do it! don't worry! Who else is more involved into the band's history and knows how things fit together if not you?..." Next day I courageously continued running through videos, videos, videos and wrote long lists to get an overview and structure of the material I had.
Bad thing was that the numerous DV-Tapes that the band had filmed over years had disappeared somewhere in somebody's mess which lead to everyone of us crawling through our homes in search for some GA footage. Even though the DV Tapes still remain untraceable Dennis found a VHS Tape of the Guano Apes' first show with Sandra in Moringen from 1994 - of course we put some of that on the DVD! - and there's some footage of an early version of 'Open Your Eyes' from a gig in a school aula in Northeim in 1995, two years before that song appeared on an album.
I cut all that and of course many more footage together with the band interviews into a 60 minute Documentary Part we called 'THE MOVIE' about the history of the Guano Apes. Some of you might recognize bits and pieces of the material as many of you have followed the band's history intensively. But there's also a lot of footage and pictures of the band you have never seen before!


As a very special addition there are the 'lost tapes' of the Festival Sudoeste show from August 6, 2000 in front of 60.000 portuguese fans.
It was such a coincidence that I found those tapes when I fast forwarded a big Beta-Tape with a sticker on it saying 'Portugal' .
After 30 minutes of black screen suddenly this wonderful concert began! I can't explain why I was patiently watching exactly this tape, as you woukd normally stop after 5-10 minutes of black screen and skip over to another video tape, I felt this was something special and kept watching... strange things sometimes happen and we are happy to present you about an hour of that show on the DVD. Here's the tracklisting:

- No speech
- Gogan
- Rain
- Living in a lie
- Heaven
- Move a little closer
- We use the pain
- Ain't got time
- I want it
- Big in Japan
- Wash it down
- Dödel up
Living in a lie - Video Audience Taping
- Lords of the boards

And of course there are the missing clips including 'Kumba Yo!', all of which had not been included on the 'Don't give me names' DVD.

- You Can't Stop Me
- Pretty In Scarlet
- Quietly
- Break The Line
- Sing That Song
- Dödel Up
- Kumba Yo!

... and there is "THE FANBASE" - that's your part! - and was a lot of work, too. Many of you have sent in pictures and videos and in the end I had 884 photos in my Inbox.
Some of them so tiny I could hardly use them, some of them I received 3-4 times, and I didn't have enough time to open all of them and optimize them for the DVD so I produced a Slideshow and cut out the ones I couldn't use. There are also some clips from Videotapes for example from the Fan-Meeting in Oberhausen.
But one of the greatest things was sent in from Michaela Bartl (Thanks!) the third Guano Apes Cassette-Demo, the ones that were on auction at Ebay some time ago. I gave away the tape for denoising and finally used it as a soundtrack for the Fanbase-Movie. Now you can all enjoy the music of the very early Guano Apes and don't have to search ebay anymore.And also there's some short comment of the band about that demo-tape. 'FANBASE' contains following songs:

- Wasserfliege - unreleased track
- Get Busy - demo
- Rain - demo
- Ignatz = Suzie demo
- Score - unreleased track
- Tribute - demo
- 3°under - unreleased track

Ok, I'll stop writing now to keep some surprises for you on the DVD. Just a quick final note to give you a hint of a very special and experimental Multimedia Part in the DVD which features footage from the Italy Tour in 2000. Of course this multimedia part is only playable on a computer with DVD-Rom-Drive and quicktime and not in your DVD-Player.
And as I stated before the cover still shows the wrong running time because it had to be finished earlier for the production. It says running time is 180 minutes but eventually I managed to put 242 minutes on it! that's 4 hours of videos!! And of course we added english subtitles so you can get a clue of what's been talked about ;-)

Maybe you got an impression how much effort went into the production of this DVD and we all hope you enjoy it as much as we do! I'm so excited about how you will like it! Please send us your feedback!"

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